BTC consultants - Motivational Speaker and Anti Bullying Specialist
Antibullying Specialists
Bullying is one of the biggest challenges facing society today.
In fact, one student in every four in Australian schools is affected by bullying, says recent research commissioned by the Federal Government.
Children as young as three can become victims of bullying and young people who bully have a one in four chance of having a criminal record by the age of 24.
The Western Australian Department of Commerce has said that in WA alone, an average of 600 workers compensation claims each year are lodged for time off arising from workplace violence and bullying.
BTC consultants use a program designed to get to the root cause and break the cycle of the bullying. Read more
If your school or workplace is experiencing any form of bullying, let us show you how in just two short sessions, our "Breaking the Cycle" (BTC) program creates an atmosphere of self awareness
and empathy through a series of empowering exercises.
We also teach bystanders how to safely intervene in potential bullying situations, before things escalate.
At the completion of the program, green wristbands are presented to participants to show that they are an ambassador for the BTC program.
Typical results include:
  • A sense of community
  • Shared compassion
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs
  • Increase in workplace productivity
This short, powerful program, helps restore the balance in your organisation without us the provider, having to keep coming back!
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